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About Pam

Pamela has been in love with dogs since her father started bringing home strays he found while working for the City of Toronto. At just 15 she started to develop her specialty of rehabilitating anxiety prone and aggressive canines. In 2010, Pamela decided to take her 12 years of expertise and combine it with an education from Animal Behaviour College. After graduating with honours, she began to develop a behaviour modification training program based on positive reinforcement (ie. a toy/treat for desired behaviour). Her patience with tough canines is renowned. How successful are her methods? Look no further than her two pups Bosco and Charlie Brown.

Bosco is an 8 year old Siberian Husky/Shepherd rescue. He is a teacher in his own right, guiding pups and continuously amazing his fans and trainer! Bosco has been invaluable, the results achieved from a dog after Bosco has worked with them, are faster and more efficient than any trainer could do on their own. Not that Bosco didn’t present his own challenges when he was a pup, after all Pamela sacrificed a great dvd collection to his chewing! Now however, you are more likely to hear that Bosco is a boy in a dog’s body. From saying “I Love You” to teaching pups manners, Bosco has been Pamela’s beloved right hand since he was just a pup!

Charlie Brown is a 5 year old Miniature Beagle rescue. Pamela found Charlie while on a consult with a friend at the Mississauga Humane Society. Charlie was a feral, street dog with severe fear-aggressive behaviour rooted in zero trust with humans. Having been re-homed 3 times and on his last strike, Pamela took him home. His behaviour was out of control – growling when approached by anyone, snarling and lunging at anyone who came close to him while he was eating. All the love, blood, sweat and tears could not have made a difference without the consistency and structure of Pamelas programs. Today Charlie is a snuggler! A well adjusted and healthy part of the family and he is especially great with kids!